Farm Rules and Etiquette

  • Thank you for coming out and picking with us.  You may be added to a contact list by emailing us your name, number and email address. 

  • Pick at your OWN RISK, we are not responsible for injuries or theft. Please keep your valuables locked up and hidden; we have not had any problems in the past nor anticipate any in the future.

  • If you have any illnesses or medical problems, please keep this in mind when you pick or stand for long periods of time. We encourage everyone to protect them-selves from the sun and to stay hydrated.

  • We expect parents to supervise young children at all times and ask that only fully ripened berries be picked. Be aware of bugs, such as ants and bees. Please keep children out of the tall grass, and be mindful of snakes.  We do not use insecticides or pesticides on our plants. 

  • There is a public restroom near the end of the house.

  • Please do not leave trash in the patch, there are trash cans at the desk on your way in and out. 

  • We do not allow any picking after dark.  All pickers need to be at the front desk by eight o’clock PM to check out.

  • If no one answers the door, we are out picking berries or working in the patch. Grab a white bucket and come on out.

  •  Please do attempt to walk between the bushes. Do not climb or go through the fence. Anyone caught climbing our trellis fence will be ask to leave the farm immediately, also anyone caught intentionally breaking branches of plants. 

  • Be kind and mindful of other pickers.  We appreciate your cooperation in these matters. 

Pioneer Berries 


Phone: 936-537-0446




2512 Pioneer Ln Cleveland, TX 77328


 8AM - 8PM  **Mon - Tues, Thurs -Sat.

12 PM- 8 PM on Wednesdays

**NOTICE: Open days are subject to random closings to give the berries more time to ripen. Please call in advance or check the website for daily availability.

This Years Prices


You-Pick= $2.50

Pre-Picked= $5.50

All Jams= $5/Jar